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We operate on an agency model and we charge a man day rate for the service. You own the intellectual property.

A proof of concept (PoC) is the first stage of an AI project. Think of it as a “mini project” during which we do initial experimentation with the data and the result of it will determine the feasibility of launching a larger-scale project into production.

This will depend on the scale of the project, and the allocation of different roles evolves during the project. In the beginning, more scientific roles are needed, while more engineering roles are important towards the end. For a typical project, you can expect a team to consist of an AI scientist, multiple AI engineers (and full-stack engineer(s) in case some non-AI parts are a part of the scope) and a project manager.

After your project is live, there are generally two things that cost money: infrastructure (servers, storage, ...) and the “human in the loop”. The costs vary depending on the project (and we’ll help you find a cost-effective solution), but the good news is that with AI, it’s never really maintenance, but rather an investment - you’re making your AI models better every day!

No, unless absolutely necessary. We’re not an infrastructure provider and we use the same cloud services everyone else uses, so it’s almost always more practical to use a client's cloud account right away. We’re used to working with all three major platforms (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure). In the rare cases where we do provide server infrastructure, we simply re-invoice the monthly bill.